Asus B400a-Xh52 Review

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The Asus B400a-Xh52 is one of those contenders that offers a mixed bag of features, making it worthy of your closer analysis if you are shopping for a new laptop for general or everyday use such as performing word document tasks, emailing and surfing the Internet, watching video clips, or doing the kinds of tasks that students need in a laptop.

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With a 14.1-inch screen display and crisp, clean screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels, the Asus B400a-Xh52 laptop provides easy viewing and good, vivid color. That screen quality is actually one of the selling features that many reviewers tout when talking about the benefits of the Asus B400a-Xh52. Meanwhile it is also notable that this particular monitor size is a little out of the ordinary, since many comparable laptops are screens that are at least 15 inches in size, or they go for ultra small packages with 13 inches or so. For many consumers this size will therefore be the best of both worlds, offering a large and easy to read screen that is still small enough to be very portable and fit into those messenger bags that may not be able to accommodate a 15-inch plus laptop.


Speed is powered with an Intel Core i5-3317U processor and there are not one or two but three of the super-fast 3.0 USB ports – giving you lightening fast transmission speeds for modems, gaming, and so forth. The battery, which is a 4-cell lithium ion package, also delivers good life to keep you going strong for several hours unless you are doing tasks that tend to really gobble up the juice.
Most of the Asus B400a-Xh52 laptops being sold will come with the previous version of Windows, the 64-bit Windows 7 – as opposed to the newer touch-capable Windows 8 operating system. But if you read reviews of Windows 8 you will mostly find lots of complaints from people who don’t like the icon-based interface, so getting Windows 7 might actually turn out to be a perk you want, not a downgrade.




The Asus B400a-Xh52 does not have tons of surface memory or storage space compared to many laptops sold today. For those who need memory capable of more intensive tasks an upgrade to the existing off-the shelf memory sold with the Asus B400a-Xh52 may be an option.




The Asus B400a-Xh52 is considered by many users to be one of the best laptops sold by the Asus company, which is gaining a strong worldwide reputation for quality and technology in the laptop market. There are other laptops out there today that have more robust storage and memory capability and newer options for connectivity and other tasks. But if you find one of these Asus B400a-Xh52 laptops at a competitive price you might be really happy with it for typical, daily computing tasks in a portable machine. Do some apples-to-apples side-by-side comparison shopping and see how it stacks up against the competition, because it is definitely worth a closer look.
Check out the latest price for the ASUS B400a-Xh52

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