Asus X Series X550CA-FB31-CB Review

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The Asus X550CA-FB31-CB is a very sharp looking model at first glance, And is starting to peak alot of interest in laptop consumers. A very resonable priced unit from Asus and appears to have a bit of horsepower to back it up.

Let’s dig into this X Series model a little further and see what we have.

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Asus X550CA-FB31-CB Specifications

Processor: Intel i3-3217U 1.8 Ghz
Ram: 8 GB DDR3
Harddrive: 750 GB SATA
Screen: 15.6 Inches
OS: Windows 8

Benefits of the Asus X550CA-FB31-CB


The price point for the X Series model should be attractive to most buyers, And it seems at first glance they have packed enough power into this model to match or exceed what a user expects from a budget laptop.

The Intel i3, While not the most powerful processor on the market is fully capable of keeping up with the average users demand, And the 8 GB of memory seems to be the sweet spot to run most applications smoothly.

Again, compared to other budget laptops, The battery life of 5 hours is on the high side of what we see on the market.

All ports that users would expect have been included in the X550CA-FB31-CB, Which include a USB 3.0 port, Memory card reader and HDMI output.

While not the lightest laptop on the market, Coming in at only 4.6 lbs and this includes an optical drive makes this device resonably light weight for the user on the move.


Downsides of the Asus X550CA-FB31-CB

We like the fact they included 8 GB of memory, The 4 GB we see in some standard models is just not enough to keep up with more then very basic tasks. What we were disappointed to see was the model only includes 1 memory module port which will really limit the user in upgrade options down the road.

Only 2 USB ports are included in the X550CA-FB31-CB, and unfortunately only 1 of these is using the newer USB 3.0 technology.

While the Intel i3 is a very capable processor, The 3217U model that is included is on the lower end. It seems they have tried to compensate for this by beefing up the memory to 8 GB, But users may still run into performance issues when running more processer intensive applications.


Verdict on the Asus X550CA-FB31-CB

As long as your not over paying for this model, And happen to get it at a good price, This unit does match up well with it’s competition. Asus has a very good history over the last couple of years making very solid laptop models, This combined with the resonable specifications on this device make it a decent purchase.

Check out the latest price for the Asus X550CA-FB31-CB

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