HP 2000-2d20ca Review

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Just in time for the holiday season HP has a very low cost budget model in the HP 2000-2d20ca that is sure to be very popular among consumers who are looking for a low cost alternative while still getting a laptop that can handle basic tasks with ease. This HP 2000 model features an AMD E2-3000 processor instead of the more expensive intel lineup which is just one of the many details that HP has considered to both make this an efficent yet low cost model. Let’s take a closer look at this latest budget laptop from HP and see just how well it stacks up.

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HP 2000-2d20ca Specifications

Processor: AMD E2-3000 1.65 Ghz
Ram: 4 GB DDR3
Harddrive: 500 GB SATA
Screen: 15.6 Inch LED
OS: Windows 8


Benefits of the HP 2000-2d20ca


As software becomes more and more complex one of the big things you need to consider before making your purchase is the ability to meet these higher requirements in the future without having to purchase a new model. One nice feature on the HP 2000-2d20ca is the fact that it can support up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory meaning you can double the current 4 GB easily and for a much lower cost then what would be required to upgrade to a new laptop.

Plenty of room for your external devices on the 2000-2d20ca which features 3 USB ports and for those of you who like to output video onto the big screen it comes with an HDMI output to easily connect up to your television.

With so many of the newer models getting rid of the optical drive to keep the total weight as low as possible this model from HP has decided to go the other direction and keep the DVD burner in place. For some this may be consider a downside but for those who still require physical media this is a big plus.


Downsides of the HP 2000-2d20ca


The HP 2000-2d20ca includes the latest operating system from Microsoft in Windows 8 but what it does not include is a touchscreen to take advantage of all the latest features geared towards these types of devices. While Windows 8 has made some improvements to work better on devices that do not support this feature you will still be left with missing out on some of the latest features.

Typical of any budget model, slim and light is not one of the primary features. With a total weight of 5.39 pounds there are plenty of better options in this category on the market but they also come with a higher price tag.


Verdict on the HP 2000-2d20ca


If in the market for a low cost option that still has the power to run the average users daily tasks the HP 2000-2d20ca stacks up very nicely to similiar models. While you will miss out on some of the latest features and will be limited in power if all you are looking to do is average computing this model will keep you very happy.

Check out the latest price for the HP 2000-2d20ca

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