LG Electronics 55LH5750 Review

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Today we take a look at the new LG Electronics 55LH5750 with its large 55 inch display which will quickly turn some heads. Unlike may other models that push beyond the 50 inch display size this LG is actually very well priced and will quickly beat out much of its competition on price along but as we have come to find out usually you get what you pay for so below we will take a look at some of the pros and cons to see just how well this new model stacks up.

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Smart Capable: Yes

Display Type: LED

Screen Size: 55 Inches

Number of USB ports: 1

Number of HDMI ports: 2


With such an attractive price the LG Electronics 55LH5750 gives even consumers on a budget easy access to a TV that can really give you theater like viewing right in your living room and make you the envy of the neighbor hood when it comes to watching the big game or latest blockbuster movie.

This LG weighs a mere 38.8 pounds and has a very slim profile making it very easy to mount on the wall vs having it sit on a stand.

With smart technology built right in it is ready to connect up to your home network right out of the box and give you access to all the most popular apps for streaming such as Netflix.


While the LG Electronics 55LH5750 does include smart technology which gives you access to the most popular apps there have been some complaints that the technology that LG has included is very basic and lacks a web browser and at times has poor performance when navigating due to limited resources to run it.

Just as you would expect on any modern TV this one includes both HDMI and USB ports but unlike some of the higher priced models you will only find 2 HDMI ports and 1 lonely USB port meaning consumers with plenty of external devices may not have room for everything without unplugging and swapping devices.


Due to its low price tag the LG Electronics 55LH5750 is going to have no trouble at all attracting buyers and rightfully so, Even with some of its limitations the ability to get such a large screen at such a low cost is a great thing.

Check out the latest price for the LG Electronics 55LH5750

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