HP Pavilion 15-au000nr X7Q96UA#ABA Review

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Set to be released this June is the all new HP Pavilion 15-au000nr X7Q96UA#ABA which provides consumers looking for a standard screen size in a well rounded laptop a very nice option to consider. This model doesn’t appear to have a single feature that will really wow potential buyers but does a nice job of offering a bit of everything to be able to satisfy a large audience. Below we will take a bit closer look at what it does and does not offer to see just how well it stacks up.

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Processor: Intel Core i5-6200U 2.3 Ghz
Memory:8GB DDR4
Hard Drive: 1 TB SATA
Screen: 15.6” touch screen display
OS: Windows 10 64-bit version


For a mid range laptop the HP Pavilion 15-au000nr X7Q96UA#ABA does a nice job of offering enough performance without going overboard and really driving up the price. The Intel Core I5 processor is a step below the top end I7 but still far superior then a budget processor and can handle heavy demand. When combined with 8 GB of DDR4 memory you end up with a nicely powered laptop with great performance.

The 15.6 inch display on this HP comes with touch screen technology and for those who are not familiar with it you will quickly see the benefits when combined with Microsofts latest software, Windows 10. The technology allows you to interface with the laptop similar to how you would a smart phone or tablet.

If you have high storage requirements and are one of those people who save any and everything this laptop has you covered with a very large and generous 1 TB SATA drive.

At just 4.27 pounds this Pavilion actually comes in quite lighter then your average 15.6 inch laptop and is surprising consider the lower cost of this device.


Battery life is good but not great on the HP Pavilion 15-au000nr X7Q96UA#ABA with 7 hours of total time before you will be scrambling again for a power source. For many this will be sufficient and keep them going for the day but for those who like to be free from the cord for long periods of time it may not do.


The HP Pavilion 15-au000nr X7Q96UA#ABA seems to be one of the most well rounded laptops we have seen in awhile by offering good performance, all the latest must have technologies and for a price that is very reasonable. Because of all this we expect this HP model will be very popular over the summer buying season and right in to back to school shopping.

Check out the latest price for the HP Pavilion 15-au000nr X7Q96UA#ABA

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