MSI GE72 Apache Pro-070 9S7-179441-070 Review

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This laptop has a good processor and enough RAM to be used as a desktop computer replacement for either home or work. A 17.3’’ screen is big enough for either movies and clips or large spreadsheets. It processes 3D textures and shadows very well and has a SteelSeries keyboard that’s backlit and offers Anti-Ghost keys that are especially beneficial for gaming purposes.

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Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 6700HQ

Memory: 16 GB SO-DIMM

Hard Drive: 1000 GB SATA

Screen: 17.3 inches

OS: Windows 10


There are many benefits of this laptop and first of all, we want to emphasize the Intel Core i7 processor and enough system memory to support multitasking and gaming. The screen is big and the colors are very vibrant and bright. Graphics are clear and there’s no glare thanks to the antireflective finish that reduces eye strain. It features a touchscreen display.

This laptop is well built with solid hinges that provide sturdiness. When it comes to the keyboard, it’s very comfortable and easy to adjust to. The dual fan cooling system is located on the back so you don’t have to worry about the device overheating or mounting your laptop onto something to prevent this.

The operating system is Windows 10 and it offers some new features such as using the Edge Web browser to markup pages on your screen.

Powerful quad-core processor with Turbo Boost Technology upgrades that performance and energy efficiency.

The audio is high-quality thanks to the amplifier and gold coated audio jacks.


The brushed aluminum material is a fingerprint magnet, but it shouldn’t bother those who already have a habit of constantly wiping any electronics.

Some users have found the speakers to be under amplified while others report problems with the keyboard and the software. Specifically, you will need to update the drivers straight away. Then, some of the drivers need to be uninstalled and re-installed in order to work. These issues might not happen with every laptop from the series, but if they do, don’t say we didn’t warn you!


This laptop isn’t very light with its 5.95 lbs. but it has a pretty decent 17.3’’ screen and good graphics. It’s 1.14’’ thin so it’s not impossible to carry it around. If you like a rigid but lightweight frame for your gaming laptop, this is a solid choice. It has a powerful processor and enough memory for multitasking and it has good connectivity thanks to the Bluetooth 4 Interface, Wi-Fi, and USB ports. The webcam is good for video calls.

Check out the latest price for the MSI GE72 Apache Pro-070 9S7-179441-070

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